Why Choose Google Ads?

Highly targeted advertising model

Ad impressions are free

Only pay when people click on your ads

Reach people in more places than traditional advertising

How It Works

There are two ways businesses can show up on Google, through their organic channel or through their paid channel. While their organic channel is technically ‘free’ it can take a long time to actually show up. With Google Ads businesses can pay to show up when people search for specific keywords. The best part about running this type of campaign is that you’ll get traffic to your website almost immediately, instead of waiting (sometimes up to a year) to see if your website ranked in the organic results.


Google’s main goal is to connect people to relevant information. Optimizing your website and ad copy with keywords your customers are searching for is key. When selecting keywords it’s best to be specific. For example, if you wanted to advertise your home roof repair business in LA, then you would want to include keywords like “Los Angeles home roof repair” or “roofing companies LA” in your ad copy rather than general words like “roofing” or “construction.” That way people who are interested in speaking to roof repair companies see your ads, rather than say people who are just researching the topic of “roofing” for an essay they’re writing.


Remarketing involves showing ads to customers who have already expressed interest in your business. These ads typically have high conversion rates and can be an excellent way to turn past website visitors into paying customers. In addition to text based search ads, Google offers display ads that incorporate images and videos. These ads can be incredibly effective for remarketing campaigns since they run on Google’s display network that is composed of millions of websites.

Google Ads Agency

Looking to maximize your ad campaigns? Hiring a Google Ads agency may be the best way to go. At Marcher Internet Marketing we’re experts at designing campaigns that increase brand loyalty and deliver excellent ROI’s. We do so by analysing numerous data points to find opportunities that can increase our clients conversion rates. If you’re looking for help with Google Ads we would be happy to talk with you. Feel free to call or text us at (760) 331-3629 anytime!

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