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Why Choose This Ad Channel?

Facebook ads have numerous targeting options, so it’s pretty easy to define who is going to see your ads. In modern times, there are many different ways to obtain website traffic. Running a SEO campaign is an excellent way to boost long-term traffic and sales. However, this model usually requires a significant amount of work and time to achieve quality results. On the other hand, paid ads can be an excellent way to boost sales quickly. This advertising model essentially allows people to 'buy' website traffic. Hiring an agency to run a campaign for your business is usually the easiest way to go. That way you'll be able to focus on the other responsibilities you have.

facebook ads, facebook advertising, facebook marketing
facebook ads, facebook advertising, facebook marketing

How Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook advertising usually begins with outlining your audience. Facebook has extensive targeting options, so you'll probably be able to narrow down your target market quickly. Some of the options include targeting by location, age, interests, job titles, and even purchasing behaviors. It’s usually best to choose one or two demographics when you're first starting. That way it's easier to find out which demographics perform the best.

Writing Ad Copy

After you’ve selected whom you're going to display your ads to, it's time to write the copy for your ads. We recommend using one call to action in the title of the advertisement or at the end of the ad's description. Doing this helps people understand which steps they should take if they're interested in learning more about your business. From there you'll want to choose a unique photo for the ad.

facebook ads, facebook advertising, facebook marketing
facebook ads, facebook advertising, facebook marketing

Choose An Awesome Photo

Social media can be a busy and distracting place, so making your ads stand out is critical. Using a picture that incorporates the color red in the image can be an excellent way to grab people's attention. Think about it, everything from stop signs to traffic lights and even app icon notifications are red. For this reason, using photos with the color red can improve your ad engagement rates and ultimately drive more people to your website.

Bidding Format

Facebook offers two bidding models - pay per impression or pay per link click. When you choose to pay per impression, Facebook charges you whenever someone sees your ad. If you select the pay per link click format, you'll only pay when people click on your website link. The downside to this model is that you'll probably be required to set a daily budget of at least $10, $15, or $20. If you're looking to spend less, then you'll probably only be able to use the pay per impression option. If you're feeling bummed out right now, don't worry! Facebook also allows people using the impression model to set a link click price! You'll still pay whenever people see your ads, but Facebook will also work to get link clicks that average out to your target link click price. Applying this setting correctly usually requires testing and adjusting, but with time it's not too difficult to do so.

facebook ads, facebook advertising, facebook marketing

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