We make local SEO easy and affordable. Our client Citation and Violation Management is a toll collection agency that helps rental car company’s collect any unpaid tolls from past rental car customers. CVM was looking to build a new website and update it with new content.


Our role for this project was to create quality content for CVMSD.com. We began the project by researching keywords related to the rental car toll collection industry. After our keyword research, we decided to look at CVM’s search competition. We noticed that their competition levels were relatively low, so we felt that it would be fairly easy to rank them quickly. We began our content creation process by targeting keywords like “toll management company” and “violation management solutions.” The content we wrote was aimed at rental car company owners and managers. We found that these people are usually the decision makers. By targeting them, we believed CVM would be able to convert more of their website visitors into clients.

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After only a few weeks, CVMs local SEO began to improve. Their website started ranking for keywords like “toll management company” and “violation management solutions.” We were happy to see that our campaign helped CVMs site rank in such a short time frame.